Solution Pj05-02
The main objective of PJ.05-02: “Remotely Provided Air Traffic Service for Multiple Aerodromes” is to validate that the provision of ATS for two or more aerodromes simultaneously is possible, and concurrently reveals a sufficient level of safety.

To validate remote tower services for multiple airports, the work to be addressed focuses on different kinds of environment in order to determine the amount of airports to be controlled simultaneously. The different environments may be composed of:
  • different level of airport complexity
  • varying controller workload
  • variable traffic mix (VFR- IFR-mix, rotor-fixed wing, special, RPAS)
Technical aspects, such as network quality of service and other resilience/redundancy related issues that are of key importance to the regulatory authorities need to be addressed. Furthermore, the information needs for maintaining situational awareness including the local actual and forecasted weather (MET) and the local actual and forecasted status of the infrastructure (AIM) will need to be addressed from various operational perspectives as well as short term planning tools. Attention will be given to the definition of information needs, liaising with PJ18 to develop potential System Wide Information Management (SWIM) enabled MET and AIM capabilities to support these needs, and to integrating this information into the remote Controller Working Position (CWP). Human Performance (HP) aspects in the working environment will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, as well as the impact of different technical solutions on operations. Training and licensing aspects will be considered to be prepared for the deployment phase.

MicroStep-MIS intends to contribute in terms of operational improvement (OIs) – SDM-0207, particularly to Enablers: METEO-03c, METEO-04c. The main objective of LPS SR in this area is to participate in solutions regarding the provision of MET data to the controller including local weather for several remote aerodromes (e.g. make a fully automated MET system (automatic data processing from various sensors installed at remote aerodrome)).