Solution PJ05-05
The main objective of MicroStep-MIS in this solution is provision of MET data to the controller including local weather for several remote aerodromes (e.g. make a fully automated MET system with omitting current drawbacks of such systems).

Small airports, targeted within this technical solution named Advanced Automated MET System, are typical candidates for application of Remote Tower, and for the same reasons (it is difficult or too expensive to implement and staff a conventional manned facility), they often utilize automated weather observation (AUTOMETAR) instead of full meteorological observation (METAR). AUTOMETAR, in contrast to full METAR contains some weather elements reported in simplified form only and some are omitted completely.

This technical solution is independent from usage of Remote Tower. Advanced Automated MET System can be advantageously used also with conventional Towers. The Advanced Automated MET System for Remote Airport will have two variants of technical solution:

  • Fully-Automated MET System – the system is collecting meteorological data from a number of sensors and cameras located at one or more remote aerodrome. These data are then processed automatically and presented directly to the Controller responsible, by means of a suitable HMI.
  • Semi-Automated MET System – this concept represents a ‘human-in-the-loop’ MET solution. The remote MET Observer receives meteorological data from a number of sensors and cameras that are located at one or more remote aerodromes. The remote MET Observer is responsible for their processing before these are presented at the Controller’s HMI. We assume this variant will have broader range of recognized phenomena than the fully-automated one due to current limitations in artificial recognition compared to human brain.
This improved weather information, once properly integrated (utilizing SWIM standards) within air traffic management decision-making process, facilitates the advantage of staying up to date with the latest weather situation for airspace users, airports and air navigation service providers.