Project PJ04
The evolution towards the Total Airport Management approach within this project shall be assured through a closer integration of both landside and airside performance monitoring as well as the development and validation of monitoring and decision support tools for the collaborative management between stakeholders.

These tools shall be optimised according to the information requirements of the relevant ATM stakeholder users that are involved in the collaborative airport performance management. Further work shall be conducted in the specific context of environmental impact planning and monitoring in order to ensure that environmental performance is fully integrated into the airport operations management process on planning and execution levels.

The TAM concept shall be deployable at any airport of the whole ECAC area. This does not mean that every single enabler needs to be deployed at every single airport. PJ.04 shall provide a wellgrounded, smart approach by identifying which OI steps, and in particular which technological enablers should be implemented. The solutions shall be validated by the PJ.04 consortium in a set of airports which will represent all relevant types of operating environments and airport sizes.

The following key objectives:
  • Develop and validate the proposed operational improvements and main technical enablers to a V2 maturity level in Wave 1 whilst ensuring quality deliverables
  • Deliver cost benefits analysis and performance assessments covering capacity, predictability efficiency, resilience and environment key performance areas to facilitate the transition to V3 maturity level
  • Disseminate and communicate the validation results and performance benefits to spread and embed project's results and ensure effective communication of project outcomes
The project consortium has identified the key criteria used to split the TAM concept into the two solutions:
  • Solution 1: Enhanced Collaborative Airport Performance Planning and Monitoring
  • Solution 2: Enhanced Collaborative Airport Performance Management