Network of 36 Automatic Weather Stations
Installation of 36 Automatic Weather Stations in harsh climatological conditions of Africa.

Africa is a continent full of challenges. The emerging markets bring the opportunities to employ the new technologies to catalyze the development of economies, information sharing, and safety. That is why MicroStep-MIS and its partner, New Edge Solutions, have been chosen by Kenya Meteorological Department to realize the extension of national network of Automatic Weather Stations.

The Automatic Weather Station network consists of 36 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) with manual output of the WMO observer data (clouds, visibility, and ceiling).


Our solution

  • Automatic Weather Stations with local display PC and production of METAR/ SYNOP reports
  • All data centralized and stored in the UDCS & CLDB central system


  • Full satisfaction of the end user with the supplied system and its functionality
  • Climatological database enhancement and extension of
    national AWS network (marine, hydrological, agricultural...