Early Warning System, Dubai Municipality
Creation of sandstorm forecasting and monitoring system as part of the web based Dubai Municipality visibility monitoring system.

Dubai Municipality started sandstorm prediction project from 2010. The system of prediction is based on the state of the art 3D weather prediction model with which Dubai Municipality has several years of experiences integrated with model for sand source areas, transport by wind and settling.

Sandstorm modelling is part of the web based Dubai Municipality visibility monitoring system which consists of 15 Automatic Weather Stations (two of them are sea buoys) for visibility and other weather condition monitoring), weather prediction model, fog prediction model, sandstorm prediction model.

Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud Mashroom, the Director of Survey Department of Dubai Municipality commented on this occasion “We are very proud of the results of this project which is not only useful to our department but also to the whole nation and for the people living here.”


Our solution

  • Maps of the sand particles and the prediction of chance of the sand event in percentages in Dubai Emirate
  • Alerts on low visibility due to sandstorm in advance


  • Fully operational sandstorm forecasting and monitoring system which provides sand event forecast up to 48 hours
  • Help prevent road accidents and take precautions for people who are asthmatic and allergic to dust
  • iOS and Android mobile application Najm Suhail