Calibration Laboratory
Our cooperation with DGMAN (PACA) lasts almost 20 years.

In the latest period our cooperation has resulted in building of the calibration laboratories for hygrometers and barometers. These are the first such labs in Oman.


Implementation of automated calibration laboratory for relative humidity and pressure with:
  • User friendly interface
  • Ability of automatic adjustment of sensors made by Microstep-MIS and other manufacturers
In addition, to train the staff to understand the system and become competent in its proper operations.

Our solution

  • For calibration of pressure, dynamic pressure calibrator with built-in reference barometer has been selected and implemented into the complete system.
  • As for the calibration of relative humidity, dynamic relative humidity calibrator with built-in chilled mirror reference has been selected and also implemented within complete system


  • Successfully designed and implemented our new IMS4 CalibLab software
  • Factory training and on-site installation and training has been performed
The customer is now able to calibrate and adjust electronic barometers and hygrometers using an automated process thus saving valuable time and cost in performing these operations.