The SWS-200 sensor is designed for general meteorological applications where visibility and present weather parameters are required.


  • Selectable measurement range up to 75 km
  • WMO 4680 present weather codes
  • Window contamination monitoring and compensation
  • Digital, analogue and switching relay outputs
  • Comprehensive self-test and maintenance data
  • 3 years warranty

The sensor measures: visibility (MOR - Meteorological Optical Range), fog, haze, drizzle, rain, snow and general precipitation (according to WMO 4680 table codes).

The extended visibility range up to 75 km exceeds the usual limit of 16 km for obstruction to vision information required by national weather services and standard coding procedures.

The enhanced present weather information from the SWS-200 is due to the backscatter receiver which allows detailed precipitation analysis including precipitation intensity information and accumulation totals for 24 hour periods.

The SWS-200 is ideal for single installations or multiple sensor networks in a range of applications from general weather station monitoring to wind turbine sites; in fact nearly anywhere where visibility and present weather information is needed.

SWS-200 - Product sheet