SMP Smart Pyranometers
To achieve the required spectral and directional characteristics, SMP Series pyranometers use thermopile detectors and glass domes.

SMP3 and SMP11 both have built-in bubble levels and adjustable levelling feet. Snap-on sun shields reduce solar heating of the housings. The waterproof connectors have gold-plated contacts and are fitted with 10 m of high quality signal cable as standard.

SMP3 and SMP11 come in “V”, and “A” versions. Both of them have the Modbus® interface, very low power requirements and are supplied with comprehensive, traceable, calibration certificates. The most appropriate model for an application largely depends on the desired accuracy and performance.


  • High quality / Durable / Accurate / Digital
  • Temperature correction
  • Status monitoring
  • Advanced software
  • Internal desiccant