Non invasive road sensors use optical measuring principles. Without a need to install the embedded sensors, these nonintrusive multi-sensor-systems have integrated microprocessors to identify all road and runway conditions.


  • Measurement of surface conditions such as wetness, ice, snow or frost
  • Measurement of water film height
  • Measurement of ice percentage in water and determination of freeze temperature
  • Measurement of friction
  • Fully integrated surface temperature measurement (pyrometer) an option
  • Easy to mount

The measurement principle (optical/spectroscopical): Water absorbs certain wave lengths differently. If there is a water layer on a runway or a highway, then the spectral characteristics are changed.

Measurement of surface conditions such as wet ice, snow, or frost. Dependent on the requirements of any traffic-related weather network, there is a need for embedded and/or non-invasive/nonintrusive sensing equipment. NIRS31 is an intelligent sensor which is part of the pole or part of bridge surpassing the motorway. Mainly on bridges, which do not allow in all cases embedded sensors, the NIRS31 is an alternative of intrusive sensors.

Microclimates, who need frequent asphalt reconstruction, prefer non-invasive technology as well to reduce the maintenance costs.

Non-Invasive Road Sensor - Product sheet