Drip Sensor for Caves
Developed and manufactured by MicroStep-MIS, PDS is a low-cost, maintenance free drip sensor for caves based on 24GHz Doppler radar.

PDS use K-band Doppler radar to monitor groundwater discharge or rainfall. The drip sensor is rigid and does not contain any moving parts. PDS does not require direct hit by counted drop, therefore is possible to collect sample water under the sensor. Counting is achievable from under 15 cm with dripping intensity up to 2 drops per second.

Data from PDS are accessible through power/communication cable with SDI-12 interface and RS485. PDS has also digital output with pulse per drop feature.


  • Low power K-band Doppler radar
  • Contactless counting of drops, no mineral deposit
  • Maintenance free and waterproof construction
  • SDI-12 and RS485 communication interface
  • Pulse per drop output
  • Long cable compatible
  • Heating for icing elimination included

Rain Intensity Monitor - Product sheet