Thunderstorm Sensor TSS-500
The TSS-500 is based on a proven avionics thunderstorm lightning detection processor and was designed to meet the critical need for integrated thunderstorm detection at airports and terminal areas in safety critical operations such as refueling. It provides cost-effective and reliable single-point omni-directional thunderstorm detection.

The TSS-500 long range lightning sensor allows monitoring thunderstorm cell development, assessing severity, and forecasting storm path and intensity. The TSS-500 processor correlates the electric and magnetic signatures of lightning strikes to provide range and azimuth information.

The omni-directional range characteristics provide for discharges out to 200 nautical miles. The thunderstorm sensor will interface with most common communications interfaces and protocols. It has low power consumption, allowing its use in limited power applications.

Digital Barometer MSB780X

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