Radiation shield serves as a shading for temperature or relative air humidity sensing units against solar radiation and rain.

The sheild is composed of nine gradually overlapping cicrcular diaphragms, which create louvers around the sensig unit. This enables free flow of air between the diaphragms. The body of diaphragms and the base is made from plastic, connecting material is made from stainless material or aluminium alloys.

To ensure better screening of luminous or thermal energy, the inside surface of diaphragms are pained in matt black colour and it is not smooth, but it is indented as well. The shield design enables - with help of a bolt - its quick installation on the mast arm, and - with help of the cable bushing with the thread Pg 29 - an easy fastening on the sensing unit inside the shield.

Technical Data

Outer height without bushing

294 mm
Outer diameter 238 mm
Inner height 249 mm
Inner diameter 120 mm
Weight 2470 g
Radiation Shield

Metcover 3 Radiation Shield - Product sheet