Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
A wide range of temperature probes and humidity sensors designed for accurate meteorological measurements.
Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture
Probes provide high precision soil moisture and soil temperature measurement.
Atmospheric Pressure
Digital Barometers developed and manufactured by MicroStep-MIS, are designed for measuring atmospheric pressure in meteorological and environmental applications.
Wind Speed and Wind Direction sensors used in specific application.
Rain gauges with different measuring principles.
Solar Radiation
Instruments measuring direct and global solar radiation in wide spectral range with high accuracy.
Visibility (RVR/MOR) and Present Weather
Sensors designed for visibility measurement, precipitation type, present weather observations.
Cloud Height
Sensors that determine the current sky conditions.
Sea & River Measurement
A wide range of sensors destined to measurement all attributes of currents and waves.
Evaporation sensor
Snow Height
Reliable measurement of snow height under extreme conditions.
Leaf Wetness
Leaf wetness sensor designed for leaf surface wetness measurement with very high resolution.
Road Condition
Determination of road conditions and monitoring road surface temperature, freezing temperature, water film level.
Radiation probes served for the radioactivity measurement.
Hand-held and Mobile Stations
Marwel is a portable device used for hand-held, mobile, back-up, and temporary automatic weather stations.
Lightning Detection
Based on a proven avionics thunderstorm lightning detection processor and designed to meet the critical need for integrated thunderstorm detection.
Field Standards
MFS12 and MSB780X TSC are portable, battery operated field standards with touch-screen display.