IMS Road Weather Information System
IMS Road Weather Information System is a unique system consisting of several meteorological stations strategically located alongside the highway that offer detailed information about weather and road conditions.


  • Road Weather Stations
  • Flexibility - different sensors
  • Data Acquisition Solution (UDCS)
  • Database and Data Processing
  • Fog and Ice Predictions
  • Low Visibility Systems
  • Real-time displays and early warning

Specialized equipment and computer programs monitor weather and pavement parameters to make forecasts. This gives the road maintenance authorities opportunities to utilize alternate de-icing chemicals, make optimal use of materials and staff, and practice anti-icing techniques.

RWIS stations are located in strategic locations to provide accurate real-time road weather information and critical observations for forecasts.

  • Pavement sensors in travel lanes to measure road surface temperature, water film height, freezing temperature, road condition
  • Non intrusive sensors to measure surface temperature and road surface conditions
  • Meteorological sensors adjacent to the roadway to measure: air temperature, dew point temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, visibility, present weather, precipitation occurrence, precipitation accumulation, air pressure, snow depth
  • Cameras that take images of the roadway for snow and ice control as well as for traveler information.

Real-time weather and forecast information:
  • improves timeliness of maintenance actions
  • increases winter maintenance efficiency
  • minimizes the traveling public's exposure to hazardous weather related roadway conditions.

Road Weather System Screenshot

Road Weather System scheme

IMS Road Weather Information System - Product sheet