Meteorological, radioactivity and environmental data can be useful only after they reach the end-users. Information and communication technologies have never been more important in the world of meteorology and environmental monitoring.

IMS UDCS is a data collection and switching system built on the field proven IMS platform for meteorological, radiation and environmental data acquisition and remote system maintenance.

Scalability, Fault Tolerancy and High Availability

The IMS UDCS runs on standard PC, or fault tolerant server with redundant components or even a high availability cluster of two servers running in a hot failover mode, providing more and more safety for your data.

WMO Message Collection and Switching Capabilities

The IMS UDCS supports wide choice of protocols defined by the WMO Manual on the GTS:
  • SOH/ETX protocol for serial lines as defined by the WMO
  • IPP protocol for serial lines as defined by the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute
  • FTP file transfer (different formats)
  • TCP/IP sockets as defined by the Attachment II/15 of the WMO Manual on the GTS
  • AFTN gateway
The full-duplex mode of operation allows not only collection of the data from stations, but also distribution and switching of messages between/to the stations.

The system fully supports standard WMO codes SYNOP, METAR/SPECI, CLIMAT, GRIB, BUFR, and is open for the support of proprietary/national codes.

Non-WMO Data Processing

In addition to WMO standards the UDCS supports numerous proprietary protocols and formats for communicationwith automatic weather and environmental stations and dataloggers, as well as for data distribution and exchange:
  • Text log-files (user configurable formats),
  • National and/or international formats (EURDEP),
  • NWP model output,
  • Dispersion model output,
  • Radar, Satellite images,
  • JPEG images, MPEG videos.

Supported Interfaces

  • LAN/WAN, Ethernet
  • Asynchronous leased lines
  • and dial-up lines with dial-in, dial-out options (both periodical and manual)

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IMS UDCS - Product sheet