Mini Meteorological Radar MMR is a unique portable X-band weather radar with large functionality integrated in small device sold for favorable price. It provides real time insight to weather situation up to 200 km range.


  • Unique portable X-band weather radar
  • Large amount of functionality integrated in small device
  • Real time insight to weather situation
  • Up to 200 km range

MMR answers the increasing demand for water management tools and hazardous meteorological phenomena detection. Watersheds management, global warming adaptation strategies, flood protection, operative weather forecast, military and civil defense actions or aviation safety are supported by this radar. Tourism, media, transport and agriculture benefit from MMR products usage.

MMR-50 weather radar comes with Radar Processor and MMR Software, displaying meteorological spatial data in user-friendly graphic form.

MMR-50 Meteorological Radar provides:

  • Scan of backscatter from the radar horizon volume
  • Transformation of data into spatial matrix
  • Input data processing
  • Data distribution to customer graphic Workstation
Meteorological Radar

Radar MMR Mini

MMR Mini Meteorological Radar - Product sheet