IMS4 Weather Studio is a unique tool for processing, analyzing and graphic presentation of the surface and upper air meteorological, radiation and climatological data.

The easy-to-use tool provides convenient way for objective analysis and displaying of complex data - real-time data distribution systems (GTS), SADIS, as well as data outputs from Numeric Weather Prediction models (NWPs).

IMS4 Weather Studio has an inestimable wide use in meteorological institutions, forecasting services, and crisis centers, airports, at climatological research and dispersion modeling and for many other users.


  • Meteorological and Pilot Briefing
  • Standalone application or integrated with IMS4 Briefing server
  • Supports standard meteorological formats
  • Archive of various settings saved by individual users

IMS4 Maps

IMS4 Maps is a tool for processing, editing and sharing on the web of the geospatial data, both static data sets (topography) as well as current, historical or forecast, surface or upper air meteorological, climatological, hydrological, radiation and/or other environmental ones.