The MicroStep-MIS IMS4 Model Suite is a mathematical modeling for the meteorological, hydrological, radiological as well as air quality support.


  • High resolution, short term weather forecasting and nowcasting
  • Radiation and pollutant crisis modelling
  • Road condition modeling
  • Visibility modeling
  • Sand storm modeling
  • Hydrological modeling

IMS4 Model Suite is a complex system for supporting forecasters as well as crisis managers. Its application ranges from regular daily forecasting purposes to decision support in emergency. The decision system consists of several models and tools:
  • Numerical weather prediction: 3D regional weather
    prediction model capable of high resolution forecast(non-hydrostatic option)
  • Nowcasting integrating radar, satellite and field data
  • Dispersion model for modeling and visualization of pollutant and radioactivity dispersion in the atmosphere
  • Road/Runway Condition Model for short term forecasting of temperature and state of road/runway
  • Fog Prediction 1D nowcasting and short term prediction model
  • IMS4 Model Suite Center seamlessly interfaces data sources (UDCS, EnviDB, checks data quality, schedules regular runs of model cascade, allows for manual runs, provides model configuration interfaces and exports data to visualization tools
  • Tide Model: tidal analysis and prediction
  • Wave Model for operational ocean wave predictions
  • Dust/Sand Dispersion Model for dust load and sandstorm modeling
  • Hydrological Modeling: rainfall-runoff or 1-D/2-D hydraulic modeling, flash floods

  • Tropical Storm in Ashobaa

    This video captures wind, temperature and precipitation forecast and satellite imagery of tropical storm Ashobaa on Omani coast.

Temperature surface

Gaussian model

Sandstorm Modeling

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