Climatological and integrated Environmental Database (IMS CLDB and EnviDB)
Climatological database (CLDB) is a MicroStep-MIS database system addressing the needs of the meteorological institutes to store the high-volume long-term meteorological, climatological and environmental data.

The CLDB stores all collected data in one unified structure, thus avoiding data inconsistencies and discrepancies and enabling standard comfortable data access for all users and other software systems. No additional data storage and no different and confusing data formats are needed.


  • High Availability
  • Manual or Automatic Data Sources
  • Highly Configurable Quality Control
  • Metadata Management
  • Variety of Extension Modules Available
  • Advanced Graphical Presentation Tools
  • Export to Standard Formats
  • Matemathical/Statistical Packages

Within the Climatological database (CLDB), the above-mentioned unified structure is based on SQL Database Server and the standard data access is based on SQL language. CLDB is based on WMO (World Meteorological Organization) recommended practices for climatological data processing (WMO Guide No. 100). It follows the WMO suggestion of a RDBMS (Relation Database Management System) application with wide use in climatology (World Climate Program efforts concerning new Climate Data Management Systems - CDMSs).

Great advantage of CLDB is modular architecture, which gives end user possibility of detailed customization. End user can specify additional non-standard input and output modules. Modules can be easily implemented and added to any existing or future installation.

Environmental database EnviDB

One of the most interesting extensions offered is upgrade to environmental database EnviDB (radiation, air pollution, hydrological and other environmental monitoring). The guarantee of data storage quality is the industry-proven Oracle® Database Server, the world leader in database technologies.

IMS4 Weather Studio

IMS4 Weather Studio is a unique tool for processing, analyzing and graphic presentation of the surface and upper air meteorological, radiation and climatological data. This easy-to-use tool provides convenient way for objective analysis and displaying of complex data, such as archived data from climatological database (CLDB).

IMS4 Maps

IMS4 Maps is a tool for processing, editing and sharing on the web of the geospatial data, both static data sets (topography) as well as current, historical or forecast, surface or upper air meteorological, climatological, hydrological, radiation and/or other environmental ones.