Microclimate cave monitoring system aim is a detail measurement, recording and storing of data of selected natural parameters of cave environment.

Cave monitoring system is a unique integrated system consisting of permanent and mobile data loggers, communication network, data collection and central database and management system.

The core of monitoring system are installed loggers where the measured data are ingested. All loggers in the cave are connected to the common communication bus. The outside logger with the GSM signal coverage is used for all collected data transmission. Mobile monitoring systems are portable stations with loggers and sensors. They are intended for short time measurements or for measurements on site without wiring. These stations works as autonomous systems with a local data storage on batteries.

The central system automatically collects data from all loggers and database provides quality control and easy access to measured data.


  • Data logger remote configuration, monitoring, and software update
  • Compact design
  • Easy manipulation (interchangeable loggers)
  • Easy data access through the web-interface
  • Battery equipped dataloggers as the ensurance of continuous operation even during main power supply breakdown

Google Street View allows you to explore amazing interiors of Slovak caves:
Ochtinska Aragonite Cave
Domica Cave
Jasovska Cave
Dobsinska Ice Cave
Gombasecka Cave



Microclimate Cave Monitoring System - Product sheet