Marine transportation, harbor authorities, environmental researchers, and offshore oil and gas platforms - they all need real-time and reliable marine as well as weather data. MicroStep-MIS provides the turnkey solution for the measurement, data acquisition and processing, as well as reporting of marine parameters.


  • Data buoys, Doppler current profilers, wave and tide recorders
  • Automatic weather stations with sensors
  • Real-time displays and early warning
  • Data processing (IMS Sea Workstation)
  • Data collection and remote maintenance (UDCS)
  • Database and long-term data archiving (CLDB)

Buoys, wave and tide recorders, profilers and automatic weather stations interface the sensors and perform the measurement. IMS Sea Workstations perform data processing and visualization of the data, both locally measured, as well as forecasts from weather, tidal and current models. UDCS data collection system allows data collection from numerous locations as well as management and remote maintenance of geographically distributed network of stations.

Climatological database (CLDB) users with provides long-term archiving, reporting and its data serve as input parameters for the current and tidal modeling software.

The real-time as well as historical data and/or early warnings are therefore present everywhere and every time they are needed, thus helping decision makers in control and planning of marine transport, industrial operation or environmental protection activities.