Hydrology and Flood
MicroStep-MIS covers a wide range of main issues in hydrology from data measurement, preprocessing and storing of data to hydrological modeling. Connection with measured and forecasted meteorological information is on high level due to the wide experiences in meteorology.

The outputs of meteorological and hydrological data measurement and modeling are used in the wide range of tools for customized hydrological forecast and for land management. The complex system for hydrological management is available with outputs in the form of maps, graphs and tables.

Data Measurement

  • water level
  • discharge
  • water quality
  • groundwater monitoring

Data Collection and Database

  • data from meteorological and hydrological stations
  • QC static and operative data

Hydrological Modeling and Forecasts

  • rainfall - runoff models
  • hydrodynamic models
  • flash flood modeling
  • deterministic and ensemble forecast
  • scenarios of development

Flood Forecasting and Warning

Flood mitigation requires knowledge of the meteorological and hydrological conditions in the past, at the present and forecast into the future. The complete flood warning system can provided on a turnkey basis: