MWD-20 Wind Display
Designed for aviation applications, MWD-20 wind display offers high contrast digital displaying of different wind speed and direction parameters instant values, averages and variation.

The four-button ergonomical user-interface allows to adjust the brightness, choose the measuring units and integration time and switch among side/tail wind and wind speed/direction variation range.

The parameters such as runway identification are user- configurable with a PC or MicroTerminal 216. The MWD-20 display can collect data from several sites and distribute them to other displays or host processors.


Main numeric displays:
  • Wind speed (3 digits)
  • Wind gust (3 digits)
Additional numeric display (selectable):
  • Side / tail wind vector 3+3 digits
  • Variable wind speed range 3+3 digits
  • Variable wind direction range 3+3 digits

MWD-20 Wind Display - Product sheet