MPD-20 Pressure Display
MPD-20 Pressure Display is designed for high contrast digital displaying of pressure: QFF, QFE and QNH.

The two-button ergonomical user-interface allows to adjust the brightness and choose the pressure measuring units. The parameters such as integration time are user-configurable with a PC or MicroTerminal 216.

The MPD-20 display can collect data from several sites and distribute them to other displays or host processors.


Numeric displays:
  • QFF (4 digits)
  • QFF (4 digits)
  • QFF (4 digits)
Pressure measuring units (selectable):
  • hectopascals (resolution 1 hPa)
  • torrs = mm of Hg (resolution 1 torr)
  • inch of Hg (resolution 0,01 inch)
LED indicators for actual unit (hPa / Torr / inch selection):
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Display readability: from 5m distance

MPD-20 Pressure Display - Product sheet