MWT-1 Wind Transmitter
MWT-1 Wind Transmitter is a high-end product designed for data acquisition from wind speed and wind direction sensors, calculations, processing, and sending them to remote places.

Whole instrument is designed for maximum performance and simplicity for the user. Built-in features will offer long-term reliable operation. The application is primary at the airports, where wind sensors are usually located long distance from central data collection system. Wind Transmitter is adjustable to all this conditions.


  • Transmission of data to remote sensors
  • Digital inputs
  • High accuracy
  • Easy maintenance


Wind Transmitter is a single board instrument. The board can be used as a Wind Transmitter or as a Modem. On the board there are all components including connectors for analog and digital inputs, serial communication ports and power supply. Assembly includes several jumpers, which are used for appropriate setup.
Measuring instrument is supplied in housing for industry standard DIN35 rail mounting.
Wind Transmitter

MWT-1- Product sheet