Multipass developed and manufactured by MicroStep-MIS is designed for connecting industry buses RS232, RS485/RS422, SDI-12 and USB.

Multipass is suitable to connect industry buses with different communication speed and data frames. At the same time it is also possible to monitor a communication via USB with a PC. Multipass supports SDI-12 bus in version 1.3 and acts as a master device. Multipass is based on microprocessor, what allows buffering communication. Activity of buses is shown by four LEDs. The convertor can be powered by the industry power supply or USB. Multipass is made of durable hardware components housed in enclosure which complies with DIN 43880, thus guaranteeing problem-free operation in all common distribution boards.


  • Independent baud rate and communication data frames
  • Communication buffers
  • Isolated RS485/RS422
  • SDI-12 communication interface
  • Powered by USB

Multipass - Product sheet