Rain Gauge Compensator RGC
RGC is a device that compensates systematic error of tipping bucket rain gauge at high rate rain intensity.
SDI-12 Interface Dongle SID
Interface your SDI-12 sensors conveniently using a PC or notebook
Meteorological Masts MM10-75, MM10-100
The new superstrong meteorological masts well designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Meteorological Mast MM10
Easy to install and maintain, MM10 meteorological mast is ideal for weather systems.
Meteorological Masts MM2, MM2.5F-AV, MM4, MM6
The masts MM2, MM2.5F-AV, MM4 and MM6 are primary used in demanding applications (climatology, hydrology, meteorology, research).
Modem Rack
Standard 19’’ rackmount 3U unit is designed to house up to twelve (12) MD-24R rack modems.
SurgeDIN Overvoltage Protection
Overvoltage protection device designed for protection of communication lines and sensors.
SOU Switch Over Unit
Designed to monitor and control RS232 and/ or analog voice lines connected to two independent computers.
RLSI Runway Lights Setting Interface
RLSI is designed to interface airport runway light system and to provide the RVR system with the current intensities of runway central and/or edge lights.
MWT-1 Wind Transmitter
MWT-1 Wind Transmitter is a high-end product designed for data acquisition from wind speed and wind direction sensors, calculations, processing, and sending them to remote places.
MD-24 Desktop FSK Modem
An industrial FSK modem with V.24bis standard for data transfer over long distances
Designed to connect industry buses with different communication speed and data frames.