Data Logger AMS 111 IV
The MicroStep-MIS AMS 111 IV data logger is designed for standard or mobile meteorological stations, as well as for the applications in areas where the commercial power or communication networks are limited or do not exist.

The AMS 111 IV is the third generation of MicroStep-MIS data loggers. Now it is designed on modular platform which supports different main systems and is based on Linux supporting modules.

The AMS 111 IV interfaces with various sensors and telecommunication devices. Embedded with the state-of-the-art software, AMS 111 IV is a reliable and cost-effective solution for meteorological and environmental monitoring.


  • Low power consumption, high reliability
  • Rich set of interfaces
  • Easily customizable configuration of inputs and outputs
  • Native communication to central system and extensive state-of-the-health monitoring and reporting
  • Special aviation software

AMS 111 IV
AMS 111 IV
AMS 111 IV
AMS 111 IV

Data logger AMS 111 IV - Product sheet