Data Logger SAWS 111
SAWS 111 is a compact version of data logger designed for standard, temporary and mobile meteorological stations, as well as for those applications where a small footprint but full functionality is required.

Highly intelligent SAWS 111 incorporates various sensors and communication devices into a single unit. Data is transmitted via integrated quad-band GSM/GPRS modem. Embedded with the state-of-the-art software, SAWS 111 is the reliable and cost-effective solution for meteorological and environmental monitoring applications.

Addressable RS232/485 converters allows to integrate SAWS 111 with intelligent sensors, displays and computers to common virtual monitoring station with individual components located within 1 km. Removable SD memory cards allows easy distribution of data, configuration or firmware updates between Automatic Weather Stations, as well as from/to the managing PC systems.

The typical SAWS111 is usually housed in weather-proof enclosure, which includes, AC adapter or battery power supply (optional), backup battery (optional), and pressure sensor (optional).
Data Logger

Data Logger

Data Logger Saws111 - Product sheet