IMS4 Briefing supplies meteorological information to aviation users in order to ensure the safety and regularity of air navigation.

IMS Briefing workstation, either standalone or fully integrated within IMS Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS), facilitates collecting and printing of flight documentation for pilots based on the local meteorological data and messages received from the GTS or AFTN networks.

The IMS Briefing integrates automatic handling of data validation.

Users can easily collect and print all necessary flight documentation containing the local conditions, conditions at the target and along the flight route.

IMS4 Briefing & Forecasting Workstation

The software aids meteorological forecaster by visualizing meteorological information and providing templates for standard and local forecasts.

Visualization of meteorological information for forecaster:
  • GRIB
  • BUFR
  • Soundings
  • Radar
  • Satellite
  • Lightning
  • VAAC and TCAC information
  • other...

Templates for creation of forecasts and warnings:
  • Aerodrome Warning
  • TAF
  • Wind Shear Warning
  • other... (e.g. warnings according to regional agreement)

IMS4 Maps

IMS4 Maps is a tool for processing, editing and sharing on the web of the geospatial data, both static data sets (topography) as well as current, historical or forecast, surface or upper air meteorological, climatological, hydrological, radiation and/or other environmental ones.