Automated Weather Observation System
IMS4 Automated Weather Observation System is an airport weather observation system for regional, national and international airports.

The IMS AWOS measures, processes, stores, presents and communicates all meteorological data at the airport: measurements produced by variety of meteorological sensors, manual observations, WMO codes received from GTS and AFTN. It provides the weather data to observers, air traffic control, pilots and other users in form of real-time screens, graphs, WMO codes, alarms and voice reports. It interfaces upper air systems, low level windshear alert system and radars.


  • Integrates all airport weather data
  • Scalable up to ICAO category CAT III
  • Conforms to the ICAO and WMO regulations and recommendations
  • AWOS data on the Net

The IMS AWOS conforms to all ICAO and WMO recommendations regarding the measurements and reporting. It calculates various derived meteorological data such as QNH, QFE and Runway Visual Range, generates alarms, METAR, SPECI, SYNOP reports as well as national codes if required.

Scalable and flexible

The configuration and structure of a respective Airport Weather System depends on the size, and category of the individual airport up to ICAO category CAT III. The modular architecture allows the expansion from single Aviation Weather Display with basic set of sensors up to comprehensive systems for multirunway airport connected to GTS and AFTN networks including a dual hot fail-over Central System, several Observer’s Workstations, displays and terminals, briefings and ATIS/VOLMET services.

Aviation Web Server

Within the same airport, or on the other continent, IMS4 AWOS provides users with the powerful and efficient web interface. All the user needs in order to view the AWOS data is a standard web browser and Internet connection.