The IMS ATIS / VOLMET system benefits from more than fifteen years of MicroStep-MIS experience in the field of meteorological service for civil aviation. It provides Arrival, Departure or Combined ATIS and VOLMET broadcast and datalink services for airports from regional up to major international airports as well.


  • ICAO and WMO compliant
  • Fully automated operation
  • D-ATIS
  • Advanced report composition control
  • Configurable for various data sources
  • Multichannel design (combination of ATIS and/or VOLMET services)

The IMS ATIS/VOLMET system can be installed as a standalone system or as an integrated part of the MicroStep-MIS IMS Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) with permanent access to AWOS data. The open architecture allows easy expansion from the basic single channel system (combined departure and arrival ATIS service) up to the multi-channel ATIS/VOLMET system (separate broadcasting channels for airport with multiple runways, multichannel service for group of airports etc.)

Software configuration allows easy adaptation to specific airport conditions, national rules, and voice report composition rules.