Calibration systems from MicroStep-MIS to be deployed in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

We are pleased to announce that MicroStep-MIS concluded the contracts for delivery of Calibration Laboratory systems for Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Scope of the project for National Agency for Hydrometeorology of Republic of Tajikistan is a provision of a workplace for calibration of meteorological devices such as relative humidity and temperature probes, barometers, flow bubblers, ultrasonic and radar distance sensors and rain gauges. A set of portable standards for on-site measurements is a part of the project too. The Laboratory for Kyrgyzhydromet covers calibration of relative humidity and temperature probes, barometers and wind sensors.

The advantage of our solutions is the automation of measurement and data processing with a single system using our software IMS4 Caliblab developed to maximize the system effectivity. We continually work on its improvement in the conditions of our own Calibration Laboratory. In addition to the software a large number of MicroStep-MIS devices is being delivered to both customers.

The projects are being realized simultaneously and they will both turn out to be important and valuable references for our company. Besides the premiere for our Humiwell and Pressurewell we believe they will open us door in this area, broaden our horizons by bringing us new experience to become even more competent for providing consultancies and solutions for the similar projects.

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