Introducing: Transfer Standard kit

MicroStep-MIS has successfully delivered 50 pcs of Transfer Standard kits, model MSB780X TS to serve as a field inspection kit for the parameters of atmospheric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity to India Meteorological Department (IMD).

IMD is the nodal agency of the Government of India, Ministry of Earth Sciences, responsible for collection of meteorological data, its utilization in operational forecasting and all weather related services in the country. IMD having an established network of over 600 Automatic Weather Stations across the country will perform the routine inspection and field comparison of sensors against the supplied travelling standard kit.

The Transfer Standard kit, supplied in a robust yet light carrying case is ideal for field comparison purposes and primarily consists of a highly accurate Barometer MSB780X TS and optional Temperature & Relative Humidity sensors. The kit has many useful features like running on battery operation up to 24 hours without charging, built-in memory, graphic display, built-in computations of measured and derived parameters etc.

>> MSB780X TS Product sheet

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