First Slovak Satellite. Supported by MicroStep-MIS.

In January 2016, group of young technicians and scientists from SOSA - Slovak Organisation for Space Activities, announced a successful completion of skCUBE - the first Slovak satellite.

MicroStep-MIS is very proud that one of our own employees Jaroslav Erdziak is part of the SOSA team. Jaroslav has contributed to development of our meteorological sensors
and his experience allowed him to become one of skCube team leaders. Here in MicroStep-MIS, we are glad that we had a chance to be a partner of this unique project.

SkCUBE, the very first satellite with a Slovak flag will reach the orbit in the first half of 2016. It will be carried by rocket Falcon 9, launching in California.

You can read more about skCUBE here.

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