InterMET Asia, Singapore

We are pleased to inform you that MicroStep-MIS will be one of the exhibitors at this year’s InterMET Asia, which will take place in Singapore from 22nd to 23rd April.

If you want to learn more about the latest development in our products, visit our stand A1. We will have various instruments on display and our experts will be available for all your questions.

We will have various instruments on display, available for you to experience. For all at least one example - our world-class digital barometer MSB780X designed for reliable and highly accurate atmospheric pressure measurement.

You can learn more about IMS4 software system, which is designed to serve and support all processes related to professional meteorological stations. We will be there to show you how it works on tablet as well as smartphone.

During your visit, you will have a unique opportunity to get clear understanding of the connection of digital barometer MSB181, relative humidity and temperature probe RHT75 and intelligent charger BIM103 to our data logger AMS111 II. With the data logger connected to a tablet, you will be able to operate the AWS Service software, which enables to gain full control of the Automatic Weather Station.

Furthermore, you will have a chance to learn more about relative humidity and temperature probes RHT175 & RHT75 respectively, rain gauge compensator RGC, as well as water level sensors TSP & TSP-M, and data logger SAWS111.

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