Safety first!

The public warning and notification system, delivered by MicroStep-MIS to the nuclear plant Jaslovske Bohunice, Slovak Republic, for client Nuclear and Decommissioning Company, Slovak Republic, is a keystone of the safety of the local staff.

A complex system consisting of sirens, flashing bacons, and the relay radio system, supported by a modern data-center with double (hot-backup) central system, is the MicroStep-MIS approach to the health & safety of the employees of the Client.

The system, commissioned in Q3 2012, involves 40 inner warning devices (sirens, flashing beacons, backup battery) and 4 large exterior sirens. All components of the system are provided with a back-up powering. Thanks to the advanced monitoring technology, the system is fully autonomous with a self-monitoring system that lowers the required maintenance of the system to minimum.


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